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Tilley Lubricants is a division of Tilley Chemical Company and is a major supplier of lubricants to industrial, commercial and automotive customers throughout the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania markets.


Tilley Lubricants distributes a complete line of industrial and automotive oils and lubricants from the leading oil and lubricant manufacturers.  We are committed to providing premier lubricant products delivered in a manner that ensures product integrity and customer satisfaction.


Kost USA DEFendal Diesel Exhaust Fluid



Kendall Lubricants

Conoco Phillips

Union 76


Summit Lubricants




Contact us at: 800-638-6968    
Every time we contact our clients whether for a service call or product delivery it is our job to create value for that client. Whether we are providing technical support, training, or one of the many other services we offer you can be assured our focus is on your bottom line.    
At TilleyLubricants, our customers receive:    
 Excellent Products    
We sell only the finest in premium-quality lubricants from names like  ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, Kendall, Union 76, Warren Oil, Coastal, Lubriguard and Mileguard. And we deliver product any way you need it, from quarts to 7,000 gallon truckloads.  Learn more...    
 Technical Support    
Our in-house lubrication specialist provides our customers with product application and technical support. We are prepared and equipped to provide our customers with oil analysis and related technical support. Learn more...    
 Excellent Customer Service    
Tilley Lubricants operates a weekly delivery system backed by our personalized customer service and marketing program. Our system allows for reduced inventories and just-in-time delivery to assure efficiency.    


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Tilley Lubricants has reached an agreement with KOST USA to distribute DEFendal™ Diesel Exhaust Fluid More...

Haloti Ngata joins the Tilley Lubricants Team!  Baltimore Nose Tackle #92  More...

 Haloti Ngata